Welcome to AQM. Our mission statement is simple. We are an Asset focused premier residential real estate firm with concentrations in the single and multi-family sector that provides investors with an all inclusive management and brokerage style of expertise for their investment portfolios.

We are a full service Residential Brokerage Firm specializing in single and multi-family property management, investment property acquisition, and residential property renovation. We remain a premier choice in the Southwestern Region of the U.S. with offices located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Qualifying Broker is Samuel Shoshoo and he heads up both locations with over 11 years experience in the real estate market. A native from Chicago, he brings forth the expertise and skill set needed to remain proactive over all investments within our portfolio and renovate those required efficiently and cost effectively. His aggressive approach and "think on your feet" attitude helps to train and motivate our staff to succeed which allows for streamlined management and asset growth on the profit level.

Combined, our standards and professionalism in our industry help to provide a high-end service within our cities of operation. Our loyal local, national and international clientele trusts and values AQM, LLC to oversee their residential real estate portfolios and we take that very seriously. Our full understanding of real estate investments positioned us to invest in our own portfolio of properties as well and as opportunities present themselves to us, we are always looking for Partners that are interested to benefit from our expansion. We continue to look ahead and grow to reach business success along with our clients and their customized individual goals we help to achieve.

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